Weekly News Roundup: NYC Hosts First Disability Pride Parade, Dems Urge Obama to Expand Social Security, Hologram Urges Non-Disabled Drivers Not to Park in Handicapped Spots.


Here are some of the top healthcare and disability headlines for July 7–13.

New York’s First Disability Pride Parade Brings Crowd of Thousands Down Broadway

Yesterday, New York City celebrated its first ever Disability Pride Parade. Mayor Bill de Blasio led the crowd down Broadway after cheering, “We will roll and ride and walk together for a more just New York City.” The parade marked the 25th anniversary of the Americans With Disabilities Act. Read More

Sanders, Democrats Urging Obama to Expand Social Security

Congressional Democrats have asked President Obama to expand Social Security benefits for millions of senior citizens across America. In a letter delivered to the White House, the legislatures cited recent trends of employer retirement packages putting more financial pressure on retirees. Now they want the Social Security program to fill in the gap. Read More

Hologram Warns Drivers Against Parking in Disabled Bays

A disability charity in Russia is using technology to discourage non-disabled drivers from  parking in handicapped spaces. The charity set up a series of cameras and projectors in handicapped parking stalls inside several Moscow shopping centers. When a car attempted to pull into the parking space, a camera searched for a disabled badge on the windshield. If it could not find one, a projector would show a hologram of a man in a wheelchair asking them to find somewhere else to park. Read More